Remote experience of museums & heritage sites
inside a 3d digital twin
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Boost your museum web presence via a digital twin of your exhibitions
Eye4Wonder lets you schedule and sell the virtual events you create. For museum shows, gallery visits, studio visits, virtual field trips, and behind the scene experiences.

create 3d
digital twins

It all starts with a sharable digital twin of your latest exhibition via a digital twin that allows an in-person remote experience of your museum, studio, or heritage site.

synchronic sessions

Use our no-code web platform to allow your visitors to participate in a live video meeting inside the digital twin of your museum.

A-synchronic web presence

Use our no-code editor to create a remote digital experience of your exhibition by turning it into an interactive quest or educational self-guided tour.


Turn your museum or heritage site into an aspiring digital experience

create your own

Use our no-code platform to create synchronic and a-synchronic meetings and interactive experiences based on a digital twin of your museum, studio, or heritage site.

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LEt us create it for you

Based on our 20 years of creating interactive experiences and developing methodologies for leading clients we offer to tailor the best remote visit to a digital twin of your institution.

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use cases

eye4wonder platform for education, entertainment and joy

Synchronic meetings

You are a curator or one of the education or marketing team in the museum. Use our no-code platform to prepare the assets for a shared video meeting (image, video, text). Set, manage, and lead discussions and quest experiences inside a digital twin of your exhibitions. Use a variety of tools to guide, lead, group, and demonstrate the various aspects of your exhibition in a video meeting. Lead synchronic gallery talks, studio visits, scholar discussions, and more.


You are a curator or one of the education or marketing team in the museum. Use our no-code platform to plan a self-guided tour. Prepare the assets that will be reviled for your visitor along the tour inside a digital twin of your exhibitions (image, video, text).  Use a variety of methodological tools to illustrate the various aspects of your exhibition. Provide a meaningful new way to experience documented past exhibitions. Add a digital context that revives age-old permanent exhibitions and more.


You are an artist or a curator. Expand the reach of your exhibition by holding scheduled synchronic gallery talks that use the various assets and tools our no-code platform provides to enhance, explain and engage the audience that might not attend a physical gallery talk.


You are an artist, your studio is a canvas that changes over time, it can also become your own exhibition space, tailored to your own means, available for synchronic and a-synchronic meetings with curators, fellow artists, and the public at large. Your studio becomes an online portfolio, that can generate sales, stimulate conversation, and open future opportunities, like never before.


About 3d digital twin

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  • What is a 3d digital twin?
    A special camera placed on a tripod - rotates a complete turn. 3d Digital twin includes a large number of camera placements. The 3d digital twin is processed and saved in the cloud. Finally, a link is available to view the 3d digital twin.

  • What are the 3d digital twin properties?
    A digital twin space can cover about 900m each.
    It is possible to create a 3d digital twin outside.

  • What is the process of creating a digital twin?
    The designated space should be empty of people. The camera is placed numerous times in space. Scanning takes up to 3 hours.

Eye4Wonder Software

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  • What kind of software is it?
    The Eye4Wonder software is a no code platform. It is a web app available on the main browsers.

  • 3d twins and Eye4Wonder
    eye4wonder relies on the creation of a 3d digital twin as raw material for its operation.

  • Eye4Wonder content development services
    Contact us to learn more about our content creation department and expertise.